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No DIP switch on wireless door/window sensors


Is it possible to change the RF code of the VS-PWMC so that I am able to use multiple devices on the one alarm zone?  Or is it limited to one device for each zone?
Other magnetic contacts I have used before have a dip switch so that they transmit the same code and can be installed on the same zone, but I can’t see this on the VS-PWMC.


Actually, our alarm system supports maximum 4 unit sensors per zone. 30 wireless zones totally support 120 units wireless sensors (including wireless keyfob and wireless keypads).

VS-PWMC with two different RF code, you know this magnetic contact with panic button, thus you need to program it into two zones separaterly.

Almost our wireless sensors adopt "Learning"  technology, it doesn't have DIP DIP switch. The sensor can automatically generate unique ID. Other magnetic contact with jumper code setting for digital code, and the digital code for VS-PWMC is fixed, can not be changed.

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