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BEDSER Camera not connecting to network


I have a BEDSER Yoosee camera
1080p, 3.6mm

Since a few days its unable to connect to the wifi network. So far I have tried the following nothing works.

1) Tried connecting the camera using WiFi, not detected by yoosee app. Used both Smartlink/AP
2) Reset the camera using the reset button, no click sound.
3) Tried connecting the camera directly to router using LAN cable. Not detected by yoosee app. Tried reset button again no click sound, No light in the LAN connector.
4) Inserted a newly formatted (FAT32) card into the camera with wifi settings file, still doesn't connect to the network.
5) Downloaded the firmware and put the .bin file in the TF card, inserted it in the camera, pressed the reset button and then powered on the cam, no click sound and no indication that the firmware is being updated.

It used to work fine a few days ago. I can see the camera IR cut working when it is powered on. Please help.

Any updates?

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