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Reset GSM-800 commercial alarm system


1-How reset factory default alarm?
2- When I want to activate the alarm, with the button away, the alarm beeps as the next DI DI DI DI DI DI DI DI DI DI  (x10) and activate the alarm does not stop, I've tried everything, please ask for your help.


Thanks for your feedback.

1.The GSM800 alarm doesn't support reset function. Only G70F and G60-Ultimate support the reset function.
2. When you Arm the system, there is exit delay (or Arm delay) in the GSM800 system. If you want to Arm the system immediately, you need go to [Exit delay], change the default time.

If above is not the solution, then you need consider below things:
a.  Hardwired zone is activated, but without any connection.
b. Hardwired zone is activated, connect with sensor, but without connection of EOL resistor
c. Hardwired zone connection is wrong.

All above problems will cause the system doesn't allow user to Arm the system.

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