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SPS 260 Wireless siren can't work with G60-Ultimate


I have bought a Miguard SPS 260 Wireless siren hoping it will work with my new G60 Ultimate, but I am having trouble pairing the two items.
It has a learn button on the siren.  It beeps once, then im supposed to press the arm button on the panel.
Can you tell me the correct process to pair a wireless siren to the G60?  Do I need to do anything to the alarm panel first?
Is it the away arm or padlock key?


We don't know whether the Miguard products are compatible with our alarm panel.
But if you want to program the wireless alarm to siren, then you can read this article:


I had to send the SPS-260 back today as I simply couldn’t get it to pair correctly. I think it is incompatible with the G60. I’m having trouble finding an external Wireless Solar siren in the UK that will work with the G60 Ultimate. I need it to require no power cabling to it whatsoever, and just be powered by a backup battery and solar power.

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