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G60-Ultimate alarm can't work with 433MHz PT2262 sensors


I'm testing now the sample kit of G60 alarm system from Unifore. Have few short tehnical questions:
Cannot program additional 433mhz fix code (PT2262)sensors (PIR, smoke detectors, keyfobs) to G60. That's for the difference between fix code(sensors) and learning code (G60) or there is another reason?

Turn on/off relay output can be done only via the smartphone app or also by ordinary sms/phone call?

The following accesories from Unifore are fully compatible (or not) with G60 alarm system:VS-WH300 wireless PIR, VS-WY200 Smoke detector, VS-WL100 water flood sensor, VS-WQ100 gas leak detector, VS-YKQ keyfob, VS-XWSJGH outdoor strobe siren?
Waiting for your answer,


1. Not all the 433MHz fixed code sensor can't work with the G60-Ultimate alarm. The wireless sensor to work with G60, they need to make the specification:
a. 433MHz
b. Resistor Oscillator: 330K

2.The relay output can be used as alarm output, temperature alert output, and turn on/off via ordinary SMS and smartphone app.

3. VS-WH300, VS-WY200 and VS-WL100, VS-YKQ, VS-XWSJGH are compatible with this model (actually all models)


Many thanks for your quick and professional answer. Regarding paragraph 1 and 3 think will purchase only your sensors and detectors for better quality and full compatibility with G60. About the relay output still not clear what code/command use for switch on or off via ordinary sms or simple cellphone (not smartphone !). In the product manual we find only sms or call commands like xxxx (user code) 1-8 and*, nothing about switching on and off the relay output. Please describe exactly how to use this feature. Notice:the temperature alert is working fine, have the mainboard version 1.2 and no camera installed on my G60 kit.


For the relay output, only new version of G60-Ultimate supports this function.
Try to send: 11118
This is the command to control the relay via SMS, and 1111 is the default user code.

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