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Thermostat function on G60 Ultimate Alarm System‏


I am trying to understand how the thermostat function works on this Alarm system.   How does the alarm system communicate with the furnace?   I do not see any hardwire connection terminals for this on the backside of unit.    Your specification sheet says there is “signal out”.  Is this wireless signal, or hard wire signal?    Do I have to buy a wireless relay?

Perhaps you can provide better detail on how to connect this system to a furnace.


The "Signal out" is dry contact. When it detects the abnormal temperature changes (preset), the alarm panel will change the dry contact from NO to NC.


Thank you Peter for the response.  This helps explain the function of your system.   I would suggest that you consider adding some information on this in the operator manual for your product.   Perhaps a schematic showing how to wire would be very helpful.   I assume I use the Com and NO terminals to attach to a relay, which then switches the heating unit.   Is that correct?


Yes, you are right, using the COM and NO.
Because this relay can be used in many situation, therefore we don't write the diagram for the connection.
Furthermore, it requires professionals to do this.

One more tip: Before do the hardwire connection, you can use the multimeter to measure the close and open for this relay output, hence you know how it works.

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