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NVR and IP Camera Connection Configuration


I tested your NVR and IP Camera as below:
NVR = Model EN593
IP Camera 2Megapixel = Model EW2280K (IP:
IP Camera 5Megapixel = EW2581K (IP:
And then I go to “IP Channel Setting” ==> “Manual” ==> “Search” ==> I found 2 IP address (, ==> “Save” it automatic add these IP address to CH1 and CH2.
After that I saw on CH2 have video of camera but CH1 no see video of camera.
Note: CH1 (IP Camera 5Megapixel) and CH2 (IP Camera 2Megapixel).

Please help me to check it, why IP Camera 5Megapixel (EW2581K) not show video? I do some configuration wrong or other problem?

Please find in attachment file for reference.


I changed video resolution to 1080P, and I can see video of ip camera. But I saw video configuration of IP Camera (2Megapixel) and IP Camera (5Megapixel) almost the same. And the picture display on TV almost the same too. What’s difference between IP Camera (2Megapixel) and IP Camera (5Megapixel)?

I saw in resolution of IP Camera (5Megapixel) have [email protected] but when I change resolution to [email protected], it no see video on TV. What’s difference between 1080P vs [email protected]?

Why I choose resolution [email protected], it not work with this NVR?

If the NVR need to work with 5 megapixel resolution, you need to manually choose correct resolution on the NVR.
(please check the attachment)

500W设置NVR选择4X.jpg 500W设置NVR选择4X.jpg

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