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Foscam 8910W compatible NVR


Hello, could you confirm if this NVR EN8243 Works fine with the Foscam 8910W, thanks

Our Mini NVR (EN4243 and EN8243) only works with Onvif and RTSP IP cameras.

You need to check your IP camera's specification, whether it supports RTSP protocol or Onvif. If the IP camera doesn't support one of them, our NVR can not work with your IP camera.
We have a customer who has encountered same problem, and solved by himself, below its his information:
I bought mini NVR recently.
Device Serial 0153012358a5ab4b0d5d System Version 4.0 (20140417)
But I can not connect my ip cam Wansview NCH532MW. If I use VLC version 2.1.3 using RTSP works fine.
I solved my problem. I was using TCP port instance of UDP


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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