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How to make Wireless audio&video PIR camera work with G60-Ultiamte


Hi! Most of our clients have bought our G60-Pro or G60-Pro and VS-DVR. In fact, the difference between G60-Ultimate and G60-Ultimate is that the G60-Pro includes one wireless audio&video PIR camera instead of the G60-Ultimate alarm kits normal wireless PIR sensor.Due to those kits not only elegant but functional.

But how to make wireless audio&video PIR camera work with alarm panel G60-Ultimate. The Program tips about How to make Wireless audio&video PIR camera work with G60-Ultimate only two steps:

1. Firstly program the wireless motion sensor to wireless motion zone (for example zone 22, 23...) of alarm system.

2. You need to enroll the wireless alarm panel (G60-Ultimate) to Wireless motion hidden camera. Procedures as below: Press "study button" on the PIR motion sensor, you will hear a "beep", then touching the emergency buttons on the keypad of G60-Ultimate to triggering alarm. If the motion sensor makes 5 beeps means sensor enrollment has completed.

Attention: You should make sure setting up the wireless audio and video PIR sensor date&time recording first.

1.1 Turn on the power, the #7 indicator light would keep solid red for 3 seconds then flashes for 10 seconds, then go to standby mode.

1.2 Connect the PIR Video Camera to computer by USB when in standby mode, double click the disc of the PIR Video Camera to get into the root of the disc..

1.3 set time&date for recording:

  • 1.3.1 Make sure virus cleared and then double click the movable disk to find the file of "GetSys Time"
  • 1.3.2 Click the file and then Click "GetSysTime.exe " in it Get System Time will be displayed 1.3.3 Click the icon of "Get System Time" and "Aution:DVR system time is set successful! please disconnect USB to upgrade DVR system time"
  • 1.3.4 Click "OK, and then click "Cancel", open the movable disk again, SysTim.bin this is an indication of the successful time setting

1.4 Safely unload the PIR Video Camera from the computer and turn off the power switch (Note: has to turn it off), then finish the time setting. Note: Make sure to input the date and time in a right format, there should be a space between the date and time. Month, date, hour, minute and second is two digits, eg. 2014-08-15 15:28:38.

If you have any doubts about above programming tips, don't hesitate to contact my skype(hehelena553454).

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