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How to Add a Motion Sensor to My Home Alarm System


How to Add a Motion Sensor to My Home Alarm System



Select a sensor system, the system with the existing alarm system. For example, using a wireless system, if you have a wireless security system or a hardwired system, if this is your place. 


Select a suitable location to install infrared motion sensors. Determining a local sensor does not trigger a false alarm, and windows or ventilation ducts from the window illuminated by external light sensor heat. Reference sensor instruction manual and follow the advice on how to stay away from any possible heat source unit should be placed and how to aim the lens on the motion detector unit manufacturers. 


Power off the alarm system. Drilling screw the sensor unit (S) is fixed to the wall (S). If you are installing a hard-wired system, the route along the skirting board or wall wires, so the wires leading to your control panel. 


Skirting boards or along the top edge of the edge of the floor using staples to connect the wires hardwired units - whether to offer a better look. Skip step 5, if you are installing a hard-wired system, and proceed to step 6 through 9. 


Wireless system is connected to the power supply (if needed electricity), or if you are using a battery-powered motion sensor installed batteries. Motion sensor unit in accordance with the rest of the instructions provided by the sensor manufacturer fixed to the wall, and proceed to Step 9. 


Open the rear panel, to continue installing motion sensors hardwired. Most units have a knockout round, you can use a screwdriver to unscrew or clip, you press the open back. 


White, red and black wires connected to the machine, and the gasket on the basis of work by line units. Install the unit back to the wall, with a knock-out in addition to the screw holes. Caulk to seal openings to prevent water leakage and excess air infiltration, may lead to a false alarm, and maintain security wire. 


Run the wire connected to the control panel of the alarm system. Open the Control Panel, find the corresponding wire threaded joints and connecting wires, so that the red wire to the red wire leading from the unit control nut connector on the front panel. Repeat this process, the black and white lines. If there is a green or ground wire, connect it to the corresponding nut on the control panel wire. 


Open the power supply to your security alarms and motion sensor systems. Test system to determine whether it is walking in front of the infrared device to see whether the alarm goes off to run properly. If the alarm does not ring, please refer to aim the camera and wiring provide troubleshooting instructions by the manufacturer.


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