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G60-Ultimate and detectors install


Hi Sir,

I am now installing my security system! But I meet some question, please answer.


1. Do you have the jumper diagram for the Wireless PIR motion detector VS-WH400 that came with my G-60 Ultimate alarm panel? I see the jumpers and the slots, but I don't know what they do!

2. Do you have the jumper diagram for the Wireless PIR motion detector VS-WH300 ?

3. What gauge and type of wire is recommended to connect the IR sensors to the alarm panel?

4. Are the resistors in the bag included with my alarm system the 2.2K EOL resistors?

5. How do I wire my IR fence to the alarm panel? I see the connect wired ir beam to gsm alarm system page on your website, but I have SW, not TMP, and also there is an SW2. how is SW2 activated and what is it used for?

6. How do I wire my VSO-15B sensor? Does the Com go to the hardwire zone number on the Alarm Panel? Does the Out go to Out on the Alarm panel? Do I need to put an EOL resistor between the zone number port on the alarm panel and the Com on the transmitter? I want the relay to be NC, which is the standard setting.

7. What does it mean, '"D0-D3 are data codes, used to set defense zones"? (re: VS-WY-200) Can more than one data code be jumpered at the same time?

8. If I want my Wireless Smoke detector to be Zone 02, do I need to connect the pads for A02? Do I connect all 3 pads, or just the L and H pad? Do I do anything with the oval pads just above the A0-A7 pads?


Hello Segue,

Thanks for your feedback.

Concerning to your question, my answer as below:
1. There is only one jumper you need to change, it's delay time, you should change it from 5S to 5Min for normal usage.

2. You don't need to change the jumpers on VS-WH300, please refer to 1st answer.

3. Regarding to the cables, you can go to this article:

4. Yes, the EOL resistors are 2.2K

5. SW = TMP

6. EOL resistor is required for all hardwired zones.

7. You don't need to change the D0-D3 for our alarm system. Because you can change the sensor's type on [Zone Attribute] menu.

8. No need to change the jumpers on D0-D3, please refer to above answer.


Peter Chen
Unifore Security


Thank you for your helpful responses. I now have new questions!!

1. Approximately how many weeks will my VS-WH400 motion detector last on the battery if I don't change the jumper from 5s to 5 mins? My apartment is very small and in 5 minutes, a thief would have time to take everything that is valuable. So I want to keep it on 5 seconds because of this.

2. Do you sell any motion detectors that have a detection speed that is between 20seconds and 1 minute? This would be a better frequency for guarding my small home.

3. Both of my key fobs do not seem to work. I do not know what to do. When I push the buttons, the red light does not go on. When I try to sync them to the alarm system, nothing happens. No lights no beeping, nothing. I opened one of them and there is a battery inside, but it is not a familiar size. Is there a way to test the battery to see if it has enough power? When I set my multimeter to VDC, I got an out-of-range error, rather than an actual number. How do I get these 2 key fobs to work?

4. re: VS-WY-200 smoke detector: Do I need to solder any connection between an L pad, a middle pad, and an H pad in order to make the detector to be A06? This is a wireless smoke detector. Do I need to change anything inside of the smoke detector in order to tell it what is the identification number?

5. Please look at the attached diagram and tell me if I have wired the 3 IR sensors correctly…

6. On p13 of the instruction manual for Ultimate G-60 alarm panel, it says that I can turn the smart sensor off and on. What is the smart sensor?

7. I see that I can hardwire a 'Bell' to the Alarm panel. What are the specifications for this 'Bell'? Does it need to have external power? Is this Bell triggered by a sensor (as an alarm or siren), or is this only for a Door Bell? What items do you sell that could be connected here?

8. RE: VS-WH300--Can I leave it plugged in to wall socket in order to ensure that the battery does not run out, or will the Motion Sensor not function while it is charging?

Peter, I don't have much free time to work on this project, so I went ahead and I connected the IR 2 beam fence (only) as is shown in the Security Wiring Diagram and turned on the power. On the transmitter, the lower light is a solid green and the upper light is a flashing red. On the receiver, the light also flashes red, though i didn't look at whether it is always flashing or only sometimes.

I tried to line them up but never got all of the lights to go green. I don't know if I need all of the lights to go green, or if it is normal for the top lights to flash red. The receiver is beeping many times a minute but not on a regular frequency. I don't know why it is beeping or how to get it to stop!

The distance between the transmitter and receiver is 6 meters. I have set the sensitivity to Mid.

Please tell me what I need to do to get this device to work properly! Right now, I have completely disconnected my security system because of the constant beeping so this is rather urgent. Thank you,


Hello Segue,

Thanks for your feedback.

After I checked your provided diagram. I think there is something wrong on your wiring diagram.

1. The COM port on alarm panel should not be used.
2. The COM port is merely used as alarm output.
3. The COM port of wired sensor should connect to 12V - (on alarm panel)

4. Hardwired zones are bypassed as default setting, go to [zone attribute] to change Bypass from ON to OFF.

Reference: (This file is available under the content of G60-Ultimate content page.

(Do not use COM and NO for hardwired zone connection, COM & NO is relay output.)


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

1. The 5s and 5Min is the time gap between first alarm and second alarm. To avoid false alarm and extend the battery usage, you have to choose 5Min.
2. There is no PIR motion sensor can support detection speed changing.
3. If you bought extra wireless sensors and accessories, you need to enroll them into alarm panel by yourself. The keyfob should be programmed into zone 00, 01, and ensuring to change the group number, therefore you can program up to 4 keyfobs into one zone (for example 00).
4. VS-WY200 is a wireless smoke sensor, it works with DC battery (included), you don't need to do anything on L and H DIP jumper switch.
5. There is something wrong in your connection diagram (We will explain on below post).
6. Smart sensor function requires alarm system to work with VS-OWMC/VS-PWMC smart door/window sensor. It can automatically check the door/window's status. When user try to arm the system, it will remind you which door is still in open status.
7. G60-Ultimate can work with a small indoor hardwired siren. For example:


Peter Chen
Unifore Security


I'm sorry, but i am still having difficulties!

1. I have tried again to sync the 2 key fobs to my alarm panel according to the instructions in the manual and it does not work. The "Working LED" on each key fob does not light up at all, no matter which buttton I push. I have been able to successfully sync the other wireless devices so I don't know why the key fobs do not work.

2. I changed the wiring on the IR Fence to reflect your recommendation. At first, the Fence was completely silent! It worked! On the transmitter, there is a green light and then at the top, still a flashing red light. Also on the receiver there is a flashing red light.

Then I tested it by moving in front of the beams, and it was beeping only when I was interrupting the beam.

Then I sync'd it with the Alarm Panel, assigning it a number and zone. Then I turned on the alarm to Stay Arm, and I crossed the beam, and the siren went off!

Everything seemed to be working okay. I Disarmed the system. But then, the receiver started to beep again, every 6 to 60 seconds. I don't understand what is wrong!!! When it beeps, the Test Status indicator does not show on the display panel; it only shows if I move in front of the beams. So, why is the fence beeping again?

3. Do I need to connect the Alarm Panel to Ground? I see that the plug is not a grounded plug…

8. RE: VS-WH300--Can I leave it plugged in to wall socket in order to ensure that the battery does not run out, or will the Motion Sensor not function while it is charging?

Thank you again!


Hello Segue,

Thanks for your feedback.

1. If the "Working LED" doesn't turn on, it probably has correlation with battery. You should open the keyfob and check if there is a battery inside.

2. Regarding to the fence sensor makes beep, you need to re-align the transmitter and receiver. You can try to extend the distance (from 6 meters to 10 meters) between transmitter and receiver.

3. You don't need to connect the alarm panel to Ground.

4. VS-WH300 can work without connect it to wall socket (AC/DC adapter). Although it's rechargeable, this PIR sensor can work at least one year.


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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