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Question about GSM-800 keypad wiring‏


 I have a few questions regarding gsm 800 alarm system and wireless keypad:
 1. Can I connect 220 V AC power to the transformer in the metal case? I
 live in USA. The transformer does not say anything about AC power
 voltage. I tried to find a yellow sticker that may contain some
 information but could not find one.
 2. Can I hardwire the wireless keypad? Can the battery in the wireless
 keypad be replaced? How often do I need to replace the battery?
 Thank you! I am looking forward to your reply.


Thanks for your E-mail.

1. Regarding to the power supply, you should use 110V in USA.
Now we find a problem on the power supply inside the GSM800 alarm system,  so try to get a transformer to replace the original power supply.

The needed transformer specification: Input: 110V AC, Output: DC12V 1.5A   or AC15V 1.5A.

2.  If you are using VS-WJP, then it's powered by dry battery, you can replace the battery, when they are run out.
If you are using VS-WJP2, it's powered by Li-ion rechargeable battery, and you need connect it to AC/DC adapter.

Best Regards,
Peter Chen


 Thank you for your reply. It is very helpful. I have some questions on keypad wiring:

The main control has 7 terminals that connect to the keypad: (1) 12+, (2) Rx (This is receiver, for data in, right?), (3) Tx (This is transmission, for data out, right?), (4) GND, (5) MIC2N (What is the use of this one?) (6) MIC2P (What is the use of this one?), and (7) BEEP (What does this one do?)
My house is pre-wired with 4 wires for the keypad. Is there a way I can connect the keypad with only 4 wires?

Thank you! I am looking forward to your reply.


Yes, you can only use 4 wires for the keypad connection.
You can omit the 5 & 6,  because 5 & 6 is for microphone connection, if you just have 4 wires cable prewired, then just omit these two.

Microphone connection enable user to monitor the voice, when alarm is triggered.

Best Regards,
Peter Chen

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