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Configuring eRobot



I have some questions on configuring the erobot camera.

1. can I configure the camera without a wifi network or router? Normally it picks and connects to my router. Can I do it without a router?
2. Give me the details for the accessing and downloading the CMS client software.
3. How do I configure for remote monitoring, online. Do I need a static IP.



Hello Robert,

1. You can configure the camera without a router, but you have to use an IR remote (installed in your smartphone)

2. To download the CMSClient

If you want to chose Local login, the default account info:

3. To configure for remote monitoring, you can use the CMSClient Software. Additionally, you can use any other ONVIF compliant software to manage it.


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

Thanks. I lost the password for the 2Cu login, How can I recover it.

There was a new platform to replace 2CU what is it and is it active?



Hello Robert

If you forget the 2CU login password, you can retrieve it on account register page.

The platform is same, but App will be different.

The CoT App will be available on Googleplay and iTunes.
We will update the information on your website and facebook page.


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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