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Synchronize VS-WJP2 LCD Key-Pad with G60



Please can you tell me how I can synchronize the VS-WJP2 LCD Key-Pad with the G60 systems, so that the VS-WJP2 shows the correct state of the alarm system (Arm Away, Arm Stay and Disabled).

I can successful arm/disarm the G60 with the VS-WJP2, but I haven’t found a way to synchronize it.

If the synchronization is not possible, is there any other component (e.g. another Key-Pad) which can show us the state remotely (e.g. in the Garage)?

Or is it possible to hard-wire a small light (LED, etc.) with the G60 to show if it is armed/disarmed?

Best regards,


Hello Christian,

Actually, the G60-Ultimate can sync status with LCD keypad (VS-WJP2)
To enable this function, you need to change some settings on alarm panel.

Enter into programming mode, then go to tone setting:
[Tone Setting] > Arm & Disarm Beep [ON]


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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