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NVR GOOLINK problem and solution


Dear Support,

Kindly note that we need to use the GOOlink in other subnet range.
our NVR 7533L ip is, if I want to check the NVR from home not from the office, any specific steps?

Antoine Rachkidy

2- Goolink problem:
a. I have asked the support how to set configuration regarding installing goolink with a different IP subnet on Android Mobiles

Hello Antonie,

Thanks for your feedback.

1. For the PoE network switch, it's related to the bandwidth. Please tell us the resolution of IP camera, also whether it's a 4CH PoE switch or 8/16CH PoE switch.

2. For the problem of NVR, you can try to reconnect the wires between power supply and motherboard. If the problem persists, you may return the motherboard to repair.

3. For the Goolink, I don't understand your problem. is a default gateway IP. For local network devices, the default IP address of NVR is
If you can't use Goolink, try to upgrade the goolink of your NVR with this file:



Peter Chen
Unifore Security

Ok well noted I will try your troubleshooting, and I will get back to you with my feedback.

the POE switch is 8 channels check attached pictures.

Dear Peter Chou,

kindly find my reply regarding the pending issues:

1- the NVR problem, I have used the power supply and button control and white cables from a working NVR, and still this NVR beeping loudly and red light, I thought it might be from the power supply, But i found it working properly after your advice. So I will put the NVR back to it's box and we will send you the motherboard.
you check attached 3 pictures showing what I have changed.

2- POE switches problem: as sent before it's 8 port PE switch, also below is the default settings on the NVR for the camera resolution you need to know:
Stream 36X(1280x960)+ Sub (960x576)+4Ref+9Play
resolution HD720P
Bitrate Type: VBR
Bitrate Self define: (16-16000Kbps) 2560kbps
Frame rate:25/30
Video quality: high
I frame: 2
Please advice.

3-Goolink problem: when using the goolink with same subnet as the router & NVR it's working normally, but we need to check the NVR from home not near the router. for example we need to check the cameras from outside the company, from home, from anywhere just like any NVR.
we usually use VPN to access whatever we need from home only we cannot access the NVR from home. PLEASE ADVICE.

Dear Mr. Peter Chou,

1. For the PoE network switch: I have found the following:
I have 36 cameras using 5 POE switches in the showroom.
when I have turned off 3 POE, the NVR & the live preview worked properly.
each time I tried to turn on more than 20 cameras on the NVR the distortion begins directly.
If I leave 20 cameras everything works fine and no distortion are shown.
if all 36 cameras are on a noisy distortion begins.
any advice and hep regarding this issue.

2. For the problem of NVR, as discussed previously we will be waiting a new motherboard, we cannot send you this motherboard as it costs more than buying a new one. please send us a new one, please advice.

3. For the Goolink,I have tested the goolink updates. same issue the problem is not from the app itself or from the NVR, We need to check the cameras from home, or over vpn. please advice

Antoine Rachkidy
009611888855 ext 1310

Hello Antoine Rachkidy,

Thanks for your feedback.

1. This problem is caused by insufficient network bandwidth. You can either using good network bandwidth PoE switch or lower the bitrate to solve this.

2. Have you tried to reconnect the cable between NVR and motherboard. Additionally, please check the AC input setting on ATX power supply box. Lastly, you can try to connect the NVR to Ethernet cable, then check whether you can visit via Internet browsers.

3. For the cameras, you can use XMeye App, so you can watch video for each of IP cameras.



Peter Chen
Unifore Security

Ok I will try them and get back to you.

4- I have exported a record session around 10min from the NVR, how can I play it? even that it's mp4 extension. I used real player, vlc, and codec player, none did recognize the file or play it. please Advice, even that on your site you have mentioned the VLC as a default player.

Hello Antonine Rachkidy,

Thanks for your feedback.

VLC is used to play the AVI video files.
For the MP4 file, you need to use our special MP4 player (i8 MP4 Player).

You can find this player in your CD, or download the attachment from here.


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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