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Mini NVR not responding


Good morning,

I have a MiniNVR, 8Channels and tried to update the firmware.
During the upload of the firmware, the browser failed and the upload stopped.

Now the Mini NVR doesn't start up anymore.

I don't know the brand of my mini NVR, so I was looking for the manufacturer and an operator in your Chat window told me you were the manufacturer, so I hope you can maybe help me.

It starts up, network light are on, an attached drive starts buzzing, but the device doesn't start up normally, it shows a start screen with NETWORK VIDEO RECORDER and that's it.
Is there another way to get the firmware in to the device?

Hello Arjan,

Thanks for your patience.

To solve your problem, you just need to make a bootable USB disk for NVR, then continue upgrading the firmware.

You can find the tutorial from this article:

Section: 6# NVR can't boot or failed to upgrade firmware


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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