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How to use smart sensor (zone) for alarm panel?


Two more question regarding smart door sensor and the G70-F.

  • 1.  Can this alarm central program the smart sensor into a "smart zone"...  How?
  • I thought the central would not arm, if one smart sensor was open?  (I programmed two smart sensors into zone 11 as a test, and the central did arm, even if the sensors was open.)
  • 2.  Confirm that the door sensors magnet, can only be placed on one of the sides of the senor?


Hello Bjornar Hoelstad,

1. Before use the smart zone, you need to enable it.
Go to [Zone attribute], then input zone number and press "UP" and "Down",  you can find [Smart Sensor] option.

Choose from OFF to ON, then it works.

2. Yes, you only can put the magnetic part to one side of door sensor, because only on side with reed switch.

3. This function only works with wireless smart  door/window sensor, including model VS-PWMC, VS-OWMC

Best Regards,
Peter Chen


New question:

Under zone attributes - there is an option about "Defense Line" 0, 1 and 2 as option.  How does different choices here influence the alarm system...

If I understand correct, it is:

0 - Defense Line = Emergency zone (always activated to give alarm, even if not "armed".

1 - Defense Line = Perimeter zone (normaly door and window sensors)

2 - Defense Line = Motion zone (normaly PIR sensors).

So even if normaly 01-10 is emergency zone, 11-20 perimeter zone and 21-30 is motion zones, I can change it, as this example:
                            01-10 emergency zone, 11-28 perimeter zone and 29-30 motion zone, just by changing the "Defense Line" option...?


Hello Bjornar Hoelstad,

It's right, you can modify the default zone attribute for meeting your specific requirement.

Best Regards,
Peter Chen


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