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NVR to work with Sercomm icamera 2


I have sercomm icamera 2 i want to know how i manually add the camera to the NVR, i did the auto scan i show up no thing.
this link i will show how i can connect to the camera and
this sitting works for me with VLC

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback.

Actually, we don't offer the technical support for the sercomm.
If the sercomm cameras comply ONVIF protocol, then our NVRs can find them.

To add these cameras to NVRs:
Step 2: Login NVR's interface, go to [IP channel setting] > [Manual] to find network cameras.
Step 3: Making sure tick/select all the protocols, then click [Search], the NVR will list the available IP addresses.



Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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