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Alarm panel text messaging not working


> I was instructed by Swallow to email you regarding my Unifore G-60
> Ultimate Alarm Panel that is no longer working correctly.
> I purchased it on December 29, 2014. It has been working fine until
> about a month ago, the text messaging feature stopped working. It is
> not clear why, as I have tested to ensure that the sim card is active by
> calling with the alarm panel to my personal phone. If you know how to
> make the text messaging feature work again, then I am willing to listen
> to your instruction. It is the only part of the panel that has stopped
> working, but this essentially makes it useless to me because I need to
> know when the panel is alarming if I am not at the house.
> If you do not know how to make this feature work again, I am interested
> in getting a replacement panel because it is still under warranty. How
> do I go about doing this?



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