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questions about ip cameras


dear sir/madam

i would like to make some questions about NVR-720P-ELITE.

is there an application for android phones so i can watch what the cameras are watching ?

do i need a computer for the data to be saved?

how long are the Poe cables and are they necessary ?

is there a way to not use cables?

Hi there,

So sorry for the delayed reply.
We were busy on moving the office and factory.

Concerning to your question, our answer as below:
1. Yes, there is a smartphone App to allow remotely accessing via smartphone. The App's name is XMeye.

2. The NVR kit includes one set of NVR, the NVR will record the video on HDD (HDD is not included).

3. The PoE cables or Ethernet cables are 4 bundles, 20 meters each.

4. If you don't want to use PoE/Ethernet connection, you may choose WiFi kit, however WiFi cameras need to use separate power adapters (included).


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

thank you .

so I need a security system with 5sensors and with a siren . I also have a pet . what is the best solution for me ?what do you suggest ? please not to expensive

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