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Alarm communication - VHF/UHF central monitoring station


Good day,
We have bought some of your GSM/PSTN alarm systems and have installed them in client locations. We have a radio based alarm system and receiver station in our monitoring station. Is it possible to connect the alarm panels to this base station so that we can have the same system monitoring and managing all our alarm systems?

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello Damola Ibraheem,

Thanks for your message.

Please noted, our alarm system are using wireless cellular GSM netowork and telephone line network for alarm transmission. This means the alarm systems can only connect to central monitoring station in these ways.

The alarm system doesn't use the UHF or VHF radio for alarm connection, thus they can't work with UHF or VHF radio based central monitoring station.

More information you can refer:

Best Regards,
Peter Chen

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