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NVR not seeing Onvif cameras



I am having problems getting my 8CH NVR to see my Hisilican (system V4.02.R12.00006510.10010.1403) cameras.

I can see the cameras video in chrome.

Everything is on the same network with the same subnet masks and there are no IP conflicts. I have set the cameras to output video on both LAN and wireless, everything is connected via LAN

When I right click on the channel in the NVR and go through the manually add cameras function, if I search for the camera it sometimes sees one of them (once in every 20 searches).

Ive read online that some of the NVRs have problems seeing Onvif cameras but work with a firmware update.

Ive downloaded the firmware update at and put the files on the root of a FAT32 usb stick.

The NVR does not see the USB drive if I boot with it in( it does not get past the start up screen) if I go through the update option in the NVR software it can see the stick and the files but says that none of the files are firmware updates.

I have Master version V4.0(20150124), can you please email me the latest firmware and/or give me some advice on what im doing wrong?

Many thanks


Can someone help?

Hello Dave,

We assume your encountered problem has nothing to do with firmware.
We also have no firmware for to fix your problem.

Both network camera and NVR should connect to the same local network.

By the way, you need to search IP camera operation on NVR locally, not through remote web access.

Lastly, you can use i12 protocol to connect Hisilicon IP cameras.
Alternatively, you can use Device Manage Software to check if these IP cameras are online.

The Device Manage Software Download Link:

The i12 Protocol Update File Link:


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

Hi Peter,

Many thanks for the links, updating to the i12 protocol made everything work.

I have another small issue Im hoping you can help with, during my problem solving I updated one of my camera's firmware using a link from

Unfortunately I have now lost the wifi function on that camera, do you know of a way I can get the firmware off the other camera (without soldering) or do you have the camera's firmware with wifi.

Many thanks for your help

Best regards


Hello Dave,

Thanks for your feedback.

For the WiFi connection, you can read this webpage:

If the camera doesn't have WiFi option, it means the firmware is incorrect. You may find the correct firmware to upgrade it again.


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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