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Ip Camera Home Security System



I bought attached (please see picture) IP camera. All functions of camera are well except entegration of wireless detectors. I tried to entegred several PIR detectors but camera did not see them. I am using 2cu application. I have a diffirent brand IP camera with same function. It can see that PIR detectors.

Could you send me an instruction to solve this problem. If I can solve this problem I will ordar 100pcs. IPcamera.

Best regards.

Hello Adem Orcun,

Thanks for your feedback.

IF the camera can't recognize the wireless PIR detectors, you may check:
1. Check whether the camera supports wireless integration (works with wireless security sensors).
2. Check the supported wireless frequency. They must be operating with same frequency (i.e. 433MHz).
3. The camera has same appearance doesn't mean the hardware design is the same. Some IP cameras don't have a RF module, so that they can't work with wireless security sensors. Typically, these cameras are cheaper than smart cameras support alarm function.


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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