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EN7263 say: *support WIFI. 3G, and it c


You said, and I quote "The EW2023K4-E have add wifi, and the NVR you
selected have built in wifi, you do not need a wireless router to
connect the wifi camera's."

So what happened between when I paid for the NVR and the time it was
made, did someone changed the specifications? <<sarcastic remark not
needing a reply>>

I am not happy being told that the equipment I purchased does not have
the components I was told it should have.
The spec's for the EN7263 say: *support WIFI. 3G, and it came with a 3G
module so why did it not come with the WiFi module?

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback.

All NVRs don't have 3G or WiFi dongle, but they support WiFi and 3G dongle.


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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