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Wired Beam Fence


As you know, we bought alarm system as a sample (See invoiced attached), and we on Marketing and Feasibility Study, now we faced a problem connecting Wired Beam Fence (VS-R0240-L) to Alarm System , although I followed your direction on this link: , but it doesn't work.

Please, give me directions or even a technician to discuss with for correct connections.

Thanking you in advance,

Hello Ahmed Alcobary

Thanks for your feedback.

You can find the useful information from this page:


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

Dear Peter Chen,

Thank you for your feedback on Ticket: 4BS-EAH-P879 (Ticket number: 205).

Question: Can we use Wired Beam Fence (VS-R0240-L) without connecting to alarm system? to be enough get sound of beam fence?

Thanking you in advance

Eng. Ahmed Ahcobary,

Hello Eng. Ahmed Ahcobary,

Thanks for your feedback.

I think connecting to siren/strobe light/sounder is not an easy task. The reason is when fence sensor is triggered, the alarm output react only proximate 1 second.

For your example, you connect a siren to this alarm output, it only receives 1 second power, then disconnected, therefore you can't hear any sound.

In conclusion, the alarm output only can be used as triggering signal. Directly to drive other devices is impossible.


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

Thank you Peter Chen for your useful information.

Now, we couldn't connect the fence beam to ( G70-GTW) alarm system.

Please, attachment is pin connection for both Tx/Rx fence beam, and Alarm System. I need your help to connect them clearly, because our model has different pin connection than your website one.

Also, how to program them (fence beams) to alarm system?. Will it get programmed as soon as connection or need to enable the connection from the alarm system the same as wireless sensor?.

I'm waiting for you feedback, Thanking your kind help.


Ahmed Alcobary,
PG Co.

Hello PG Co.

Thanks for your reply.

This is the example of the connection diagram:

Please note:
There is one thing is wrong in above diagram. The COM of alarm panel should not be used in wired zone connection. Sensor's COM should connect to 12V -.

1. The COM port on alarm panel should not be used.
2. The COM port is merely used as alarm output.
3. The COM port of wired sensor should connect to 12V - (on alarm panel)

4. Hardwired zones are bypassed as default setting, go to [zone attribute] to change Bypass from ON to OFF.

Reference: (This file is available under the content of G60-Ultimate content page.

(Do not use COM and NO for hardwired zone connection, COM & NO is relay output.)


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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