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Wireless Sirenes


Dear Peter,

Hope all is well. We have just received our new order with the new wired outdoor siren included.

This is the first time we bought a hard wired siren. Could you give us some tips how to install this siren on the G60 alarm panel so we are able to support a client with the installation?

The reason we have bought this siren is that we are facing quite some problems with both internal (VS-XSJGH) and external sirenes (VS-XWSJGH), these are the only items that clients are sending back to us as they can not get these sirens to work. Some of the sirens we get back does not work anymore and we would like to apply for warranty.

Please help us out, thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Hello Otto,

Thanks for your feedback.

The only problem for wireless siren is its wireless transmission distance.
For the G60-Ultimate, we recently released Diamond siren:

This siren has built-in wireless signal repeater, which may help to extend the existing wireless signal.


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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