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eRobot camera wifi issue


I have problems with program the wifi, the QR code is not scanning, could you please help me?. Thanks

Hi Jose,

To scan the QR code, you need to reset the camera firstly.

After reset the camera, the camera ought to recognize the QR code.


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

Thanks Peter,

I know that, i am more familiar with the erobot camera because i will sell it to my customers. Now the camera recognize the QR code, make the ding, but when it try to connect to wifi appears the error, the smartphone and the camera are not in the same Lan connection but they are. I Just could do it two times but it is not consistent and i need that it works always for not have problems with my customers. Could you please tell me What have to do in order to works perfect always?.

Other question, in order to receive the push notifications, do i have to have open the 2cu app in my smartphone? , if yes, it will spend data of my Internet plan if i am out of my wifi access?. Thanks

Hello Jose,

Thanks for your feedback.

Typically, the camera need to reset to factory status if customer want to use scan WiFi QR code for connection.

To avoid this, you may use the wired Ethernet cable for connection. Due to each of family's network/router is different, therefore camera may not be able to penetrate the firewall to connect with Internet.

Or, you can try to download/install/use CoT Pro App to have a try.
Download link is:

By the way, in order to receive the push notification, the App requires running background. Since in background running, the App will not consume much data of your Internet plan if you disconnect the WiFi connection (only in cellular mode).


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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