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Does G60 still alarm after dis-arm


hi all,
I have a question related to G60 Ultimate feature. we will install wired sensors in G60 Ultimate and we will have some situations happen as below:

1. You battery does not supply enough power for wired sensors, can i use external battery for wired sensors and how we connect external battery with G60 alarm central and does G60 support recharge feature for external battery?

2. In case wired sensors damaged or the alarm trigger, G60 will alarm, and we disarm the G60 but we dont fix any errors (replacing damaged sensors, or fix wired cut...); what happen if we arm G60 again? Does G60 still alarm or G60 does not alarm anything?

2 features above are very importance with me, please explain to me before i issue the PO.

Thank & Best Regard,

Hello Minh Hoang,

Thanks for your feedback.

1. The maximum power consumption for G60-Ultimate is 12W (12V x1A).
It's common that G60-Ultimate can't provide sufficient power to wired sensors (such as PIR motion sensor).

To connect several hardwired PIR motion sensors, user have to use separate power supply.

To use external battery, you need to replace the AC/DC adapter.

2. In case the wired sensor is damaged or cut:
1. Arm Status: Alarm will be triggered
2. Disarm Status: LCD will display [Sensor Abnormal, please check XX Zone]. When user try to Arm the system, the alarm panel will make "Di, Di, Di, Di" continuous sounds, also displays the warning.

(Please to enable this function, you need to go to Zone attribute, then enable the Smart Sensor function (from OFF to ON).


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

Hi Peter,
Thank for quick answer!

Please explain more in question 2. I need the feature of G60 that G60 still alarms when alarm system have alarm trigger even if users disarm the alarm and arm G60 again but they does not fix the damaged sensors or wired cut.

Please confirmed!

Hello Minh,

In a nutshell, the wired zones are supervised by the alarm panel.

The wired sensor will not trigger alarm when G60-Ultimate is Disarmed.
But the alarm system will check the wired zone's connectivity. If the wired sensor is damaged or cable is cut, the alarm will make display the information on LCD display.

Once user try to Arm the alarm system, the LCD will not allow user to arm the system, it will display a warning - "System is not ready, please check 31 Sensor".

In my humble opinion, wired zone triggers alarm even when alarm is disarmed, this is an unreasonable/unpractical feature. Please note that cable cut or sensor's damage equals sensor's alarm triggering.


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

Hi Peter,

Thank you so much!

I mean that if we dont fix the errors and try to arm the G60, the G60 dont allow to arm.


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