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Wi-Fi Network Camera Setting


I am trying to set up NVR 720p kit to test it for on presentation to my clients but has not been successful. According to your manual, to set up the wifi network the following steps must follow:

1. Install antennae to camera and plug in power adapter.
2. Through network cable to network cameras and computers connected to router (ensure that DHCP function to router is turned on, and the router WIFI function can be used)
3. Network Camera default IP:, login user name is admin, password is empty

I have try this IP number all the browsers I have but all shows nothing. I also try pinging the IP number but the result shows that, that IP does not exist on the network even though I have connected the camera to the router with a network cable.

Your response is urgently needed. Thank

Hello Anthony Clifford Buamono,

Thanks for your feedback.

Can you access the IP camera from LAN network, for example visiting

If you can't access it, it means the IP camera:
1. It's not powered properly.
2. It have not been connected into network properly.

Step 1: For WiFi IP camera, you need to use Ethernet cable to connect cameras to your local router. Then, access it through IE browser, and change the default IP address to new one.

Step 2: Go to camera's web interface, then config the WiFi, making sure there is WiFi signal (or WiFi router).


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

I have try all you have giving above yet nothing has changed. I have use ethernet cable to connect camera to my my router and even changed my router IP to in other to be on the same network with the IP i can see the network led light on the camera blinking yet can see it on the network when Ping the ip I have used internet browser and other browsers but all give me the same erro - "This webpage is not available".

I need to get so that I can explain to my customers how it is installed. I have advertise it and people are calling for it and I have not respond to their call yet because it looks like the system(equipment) is not working. Response needed urgently.


Please read this article:


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

I have done all the above above but nothing sames to change. I have realized that when the camera is connected to the AC/DC power adapter the the green led comes on but as soon as I connect the camera to the router with the RJ45 ethernet cable the green led goes off and the yellow led comes on and starts blinking. I dont know that is the problem and dont know what is happening. I still cant understand what is going. Customers are call me for the product but here I am I cant get it installed.

Hello Anthony Clifford Buamono,

Thanks for your feedback.

I suggest you reset the camera, then use the Scan QR code to set the WiFi.
Or please connect the camera to another router/network to have a try.

The camera needs to penetrate firewall to access Internet. If the router's configuration is inappropriate, it will not be accessible.

By the way, after connect it to LAN network, you can use the CMSClient software to scan if it can be founded.

Or you can choose to use another tool:
(Using the debug tool with caution)


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

Please the issue I have raise above is not about erobot but NRV 720p Home wifi.

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