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Wireless sensor programming failed VS-WH500


I wrote to you is because the programming of these sensors fails or not work absolutely. On the case of  wireless water leak sensors and on the datasheet of VS-WH500 is clearly wrote that the coding is 2262, and on wireless water leak sensors there are not information about the programming, not for 2262 coding and neither for 1527 coding. For 1527 coding, that you tell me is supported, not are any technical informations.
Can you send me the appropriate instructions? So then  I can send also to my customers


I checked with technical about how to program our VS-WH500 to G70F-GT, please check the detail as bellow:
For the VS-WH500 you bought it from us, then it is 100% compatible with G70F alarm system. Ensure you are using correct test procedures for this VS-WH500.
1. Open the VS-WH500 cover, and put the jumpers on A0-A& in random position, making sure each sensor with unique jumper's position.
2. Connect the battery for VS-WH500, then the LED will flick, PIR is entering into warm-up stage. When the LED stop make flick, then it's ready for triggering or motion detection.
3. You need to trigger the VS-WH500 at least two times, in second time, the enrollment will be successful.
For the other PT2262 sensors, these sensors must meet below specification:
1. 433MHz wireless frequency.
2. 330K or 4.7M Oscillation Resistor value
3. Put jumpers on D1-D3, also may need put jumpers on A0-A7 in random position.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any clarify about our products.

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