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ONVIF credential


what is the login info for the erobot d1000? not the p2p mobile app, but the ONVIF through port 5000, I cant get it to connect to the NVR, i need the user and password.
Thank you

Hello Alex,

Thanks for your feedback.

To login the D1000 from PC software, you can use "CMSClient"
Download and use CMSClient:

For the ONVIF, the default port is 5000, user name: admin, password: empty.

Tips for ONVIF connection:
1. Using CMSClient software to assign a fixed IP address to your Erobot D1000 camera. This can ensure the stable connectivity.

2. The IP camera and NVR or PC software must connect to same local network.

3. You can use the ONVIF Device Test Tool to debug ONVIF devices.
To download and use this tool, you can read this article:


Peter Chen
Unifore Security


You said the PC or NVR has to be in the same network, but if i port forward port 5000, i should be able to view or record video from a remote location.

Thank you forth ge quick response.

Hello Alex,

Thanks for your quick response.

The answer is Yes, also you can use this software: (recently tested by our client)


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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