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Infrared Beams


Good morning,

I wish to replace my existing pool alarm IR Beams. I use 4 pairs of beams, 1 high and 1 low on each column, protecting 2 sides of the pool (only two needed).

I also saw your multi beam alarm, which might be more suitable.

Can you tell me the prices of 4 pairs of 2,3 and 4 beam cells, and the multi beam alarm Model VS-0340W/R?

BTW I tried to see the price list but it's too cumbersome and I lost interest!!


Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback.

Only Infrared beam detectors can work outdoor for perimeter protection.
The IR fences are not suitable for your application.

There are 2 beams, 3 beams and 4 beams are selectable, which corresponding to the guarding height.


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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