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Two false alarm detection per a day


We are testing now YH800 motion sensor. We have 2 false detection per
a day. Why is it appeared?


False alarm can not be eliminated, only can reduce the false alarm rated, especially for the detection of area with animal.
We can not give you solution for this. VS-YH800 as it is, even the detector is pet-immune, but we can not promise without any false alarm.

Analysis the sources of false alarm is the best solution for reducing the false alarm. Making sure install the VS-YH800 in correct method, at least height of 2 meters. By the way, you should not make the motion sensor point down to ground, this will make the "pet-immune" function useless. The correct method is motion sensor looks in horizontal without any angle down or up.

By the way, you can change the detection range and pulse count for changing the sensitivity of sensors.

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