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Solar powered multibeam VS-t10


Dear Reader,
Conerning Wireless solar 4 beams fence sensor Model: VS-T10
Has the solar beam two or only one indicator per beam ?
Do you have a more detailed description ?
What does it mean ?

Short press the on/off button at the rear of the transmitting terminal <F> and the receiving terminal <S> N times (N=3-10) ,........

What is the sense for N=3-10 ? You have to do the procedure so often ? What is the consequence when pressing N=5 or 7 times ?

How to couple it with an alarm centrale 433 MHz? ???


Hello Klaus,

Short press means N=3-10 means you need to press the button for three times.

To program it into alarm panel is pretty easy.
1. Making alarm panel is in programming mode (i.e. zone 12)
2. Press button of beam receiver (there is a R mark on the product sticker) for three times.
3. Once beam is powered up, it will emit wireless signal out.
4. When alarm panel displays - Successful, it's done.


Peter Chen
Unifore Security

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