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NVR camera preview bad resolution


Dear Support,

Kindly find attached pictures, showing captured screen shot while watching the outdoor camera, it shows a weird video buffering, specially when anything is moving or passing by.

Antoine Rachkidy
[email protected]

Live view is becoming very bad.
It is full of distortion all time, live view and playback view

Hello Antoine Rachkidy,

Thanks for your feedback.

1. Checking the bit-rate setting, don't set the bitrate too high.

2. Checking the bandwidth of video transmission.

3. Adjusting the FPS setting



Peter Chen
Unifore Security

Dear Peter Chen,
also below is the default settings on the NVR for the camera resolution you need to know:
Stream 36X(1280x960)+ Sub (960x576)+4Ref+9Play
resolution HD720P
Bitrate Type: VBR
Bitrate Self define: (16-16000Kbps) 2560kbps
Frame rate:25/30
Video quality: high
I frame: 2
Please advice.

Dear Peter,

Kindly note that I have tested the POE Switches:

I found the following:
I have 36 cameras using 5 POE switches in the showroom.
when I have turned off 3 POE, the NVR & the live preview worked properly.
each time I tried to turn on more than 20 cameras on the NVR the distortion begins directly.
If I leave 20 cameras everything works fine and no distortion are shown.
if all 36 cameras are on a noisy distortion begins.
any advice and hep regarding this issue.

Antoine Rachkidy
009611888855 ext 1310

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