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Hi3535 NVR EN6283-POE stuck on home screen can not boot up


Good morning

please assist my NVR is stuck on the home screen

Hi there,

Thanks for your feedback.

Please disconnect HDDs and USB-mouse or other connected USB devices, then try to turn on the NVR.



Peter Chen
Unifore Security
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I have disconnected them but still it's not booting

hi peter chen

I have disconnected the other devices mouse and hard drive but its still stuck on the same screen


same thing

It's still stuck on the home screen


In order to fix this problem, you may flush the firmware of your NVR.

How to flush the firmware of your NVR?

1. Download USB boot-up files and the firmware from here:

2. Prepare a USB flash drive, then format it on your computer (please un-tick "Quick format")

3. Unzip the compressed file, put all the files to the root folder of USB flash drive

4. Plug the USB flash drive to the NVR's USB port when NVR is off.

5. Turn on the NVR, the NVR will boot up, the NVR will begin restore the firmware, this process will take around 10 minutes, after complete, unplug USB flash drive, then reboot.

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